Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Third Eye Awake

Anyone who has known me before 1998 will describe me as an artist and a writer. In fact,when I said I was going to pursue my writing, my sister was surprised because she saw me as an artist first. Around 1998 was when I decided to put my art on hold and go full force with my writing. So, it's hard to imagine for years I hadn't done more than doodling. I was getting nervous drawing something with my daughter. I began to envy other artists even more.

Last year I started taking an art class and remembered that it was about time to return to it . The timing was perfect - while my daughter was at her dance class, I could be downstairs taking an art class. We covered different mediums from oil pastels to water colors to acrylics.

It was exciting and daunting. Sometimes I just kept looking at the subject while my instructor tells me to look for shading or depth. She'll say "there's some red in there," while painting a dark green forest. I didn't get it. But I listen to her and keep plugging away, not really sure. Somehow it comes together!  The best part is that I've awakened my artistic senses. I see colors, layers and shades in the world.It's stunning! The craziest part for me is that the awakening of my artistic side and dealing with my artist's block has manifested itself into my poetry.

Third Eye Awake

When the third eye awakens,
it can’t be closed again.

It allows the scientists to see
the multiple dimensions of the universe
as it grows inside and around us.
Some secretly acknowledge they
can see electrical pulses around bodies.
Then they quickly wipe their spectacles.

For philosophers who have been awakened ,
the secrets of life are boldly
displayed like neon signs. Unfortunately,
the signs compete for attention, leaving them
to wander searching for the right message to heed.

The artist’s third eye converts the world into hues
and textures not seen by the two eyes.
A pool of water solidifies into a raw silk cloth
rippling in brilliant turquoises and blues.
Their hands must now recreate the vibrancy they’ve seen
struggling over and over again to capture it

When the poet opens the third eye,
the poet can see the words are floating by
and pulls out a lasso to bring each word onto the page,
securing its hold,
then releasing those that do not fit; always search for a new one.

The third eye guides our spirits into corners unseen,
and our bodies will soon follow.