Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Neologism Poem

The writing prompt was to create a word, and use it as subject of a poem. This was all I could come up with. However, my poem doesn't reveal its true meaning of the word, but its essence.

A meop came to me and asked if I could
take it under my wing.
It would only be temporary and oh, such a brief stay.
Why, it's hardly noticeable.
I welcomed it to shelter
under the shade of my soul.

It scurried quickly to bury its head first
next to me, and then nestled its heart
close to mine.
Before I could realize it,
the meop’s heart was fusing into mine.
My breathe was halting
just as its breathe was.

Suddenly I longed to take shelter in its soul.
The warmth and energy it emitted was
more luscious, more lucent
than my own.
The rise of energy lead
me to a moment of clear elation
yet a light intoxication
of a love and power
so divine that it could not be mine.
I surrendered to the meop and apologized
for thinking I could be its shelter,
when I was the one who needed it.

"It was at that age that poetry came in search of me"


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Ashini, is the meop your daughter

Indigo B. said...


Eugene Dunn said...

Wow your imagery and emotion is very strong I had images running through my mind while reading your poem. Your ending complimented such a well written piece, I also love your choice of content. I definitely will be reading more of your work. Oh and thank you for the comment on my art, your art is beautiful as well.