Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bhumi Mata - Mother Earth ~*~

It began as pesky sores, ones she brushed aside
until they spread,
becoming rooted
and polluted.
She can no longer deny her suffering.

Blood surges and billows from her wounds,
coagulating into a slick blackness.
A toxic mixture oozes over skin, wings, and fins.
The venom chokes them, muffles their wails and
rapes them of breathe.
Her tears mix with the congealed blood and stain the shores.

Her reflection in the light of the moon reveals a distortion.
She has lost her luscious forests.
She has been shaved and razed into stubble of dry pricks and
concrete has been poured into the slashes.
Her crops yield poison, if they offer harvest at all.

She is melting in the excruciating heat.
The nausea is overwhelming.
She coughs phlegm of lava and it drips over the rocks,
and black clouds rise as waters swell and simmer.

She cannot balance upon withering lotus petals
and carry forth the charade of forgiveness.
Her eyes flash brightly. She sweeps her hair back.
It flutters in the wind, leaving streaks across the sky.

Her bindiya glows red
as she calls the planets.
She raises her hands to receive
Wind, Sun, Fire, Water, and Heavens.
She tugs the clouds and winds to her chest
knowing they will help her.
She churns the waters so the poisons rise to the top,
separating from the nectar of life.
The oceans are whipped into a cooling froth.
She stretches and shrugs her boulders,
shifts some plates and tilts the axis to alleviate the throbs.
She pulls down the energy of the universe and

A sudden

She steps off the lotus
to birth a new life.

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