Saturday, August 2, 2014

Absolute Commitment

I've been seeing a lot of tattoos on the beach this summer and then all over Pinterest there are creative spirits sharing their own body art and messages to the world about themselves. 

I've always considered getting a tattoo and have played with different ideas. I wanted to get one for my 40th and still haven't decided on the design. I wasn't brave enough to get one in my 20's when my friends and I checked out tattoo parlors in Greenwich Village. I'm grateful I didn't it then because I might have selected something French like the Tour Eiffel, something literary, or Belle or Aladdin - my Disney obsessions at one time.

My suggestion is that one draw the design with a permanent Sharpie marker and see how it works.

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Anonymous said...

i've always wanted one too ...but i'm constantly evolving and haven't landed on anything i can say with 100% conviction i will always believe :) and then i found out i'm allergic to ink! so the tattoo idea is tabled. keep writing. N.