Sunday, August 17, 2014

Labels without Perspective

Media has been rocking with labels.
Black Man
White Police Officer
Conservative Republican Governor
Liberal Democratic Congressman
Female CEO
Gay Male Teacher
Slap a label,
create an image.
Make everyone's life easier
saves a lot of typing,
explaining about what is really happening.
No need to talk about the complex human beings behind
each situation and how they conflict with those epithets. 
         (Where would the story be?)

Drop the seeds into minds of the masses.
Feed and fertilize the stereotypes.
Let them grow into deep rooted
beliefs that
become hard to pull out
when change does come.

These thick trunks need to be chopped.
Hacked away with strong blows.
Chips flying and hitting people in the eye
and clouds of sawdust they need cough out of their lungs.
Then these beliefs will tip over and fall.

It takes effort to think and flip our minds
to change our Perspective
and remove the tags we place
for easy reference.

Was the Wicked Witch really "wicked"
or was she just not a "people pleaser" and chose
her own path?

Were Hansel & Gretel truly lost children
or juveniles from dysfunctional family structure,
fabricating alibis for their vandalism.

It is Perspective that turns an "Insurgent" or
"Rebel fractions" into a
Revolutionary and Freedom Fighters.

Block the constant feed of disparity and ignorance.

Consuming blindly leads to coddling these ideas.

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